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Flavorful Shortcuts to 
Indian/Pakistani Cooking-

       THE COOKBOOK: Featuring Simplified Versions of popular Indian/Pakistani Recipes      

A customer reviewing Farhana's cookbook on Sale at Gelson's Gourmet Markets in California

Joanne Weir

The Book's Foreword
The foreword for 'Flavorful Shortcuts to Indian/Pakistani Cooking, was so generously written by my favorite television personality and the talented chef and cooking teacher Ms. Joanne Weir. Ms. Joanne Weir has won numerous awards for her creative talents in the world of cooking. I have been a fan of Joanne since the early nineties, when I started following her fun filled and highly informative cooking shows on PBS. Every Saturday at mid morning the TV at my café would be on PBS tuned to her show. Her creativity and ease of style in the kitchen is amazing to watch

And more recently I have had the honor and pleasure of teaching cooking classes at some of the same schools Ms. Weir has taught and continues to teach 

Cooking Class at De Anza Park in Calabasas, California