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Flavorful Shortcuts to

Indian/Pakistani Cooking-

THE COOKBOOK: Featuring Simplified Versions of popular Indian/Pakistani Recipes

Looking for an easy way to cook Indian curries, bhajis, Tandoori and more...?

Welcome have found your destination!


Stemming from Farhana's prominent culinary career of over twenty years as a veteran cooking teacher for:

  • professional culinary schools,
  • city colleges from Pasadena to Santa Barbara,
  • local libraries, museums and more and as
  • a noted cafe/cooking school owner and chef, this book simplifies and spells out Indian/Pakistani cooking for the professionals and novice alike.

Designed to 'inspire'-not impress the reader. It will help you achieve success at your very first attempt! 

 If you have been dreaming of being able to cook your favorite restaurant curries in the comfort of your own kitchen, but had no idea where to start- consider your worries over you have found the solution you were looking for.


You will find secrets to Indian cooking revealed in the pages of this well put together and easy to follow cookbook.

A book that unveils all the tips and tricks the author collected with over 25 years of working in the field. Gathering, testing and fine tuning all the family recipes while:

  1. owning and operating a café and catering business,
  2. working alongside and with other accomplished professional chefs, both in U.S. and Punjab and then
  3. teaching this amazing cuisine for over 25 years! Consider your days of dealing with restaurant curries served in skimpy portions at top $$$ over!

Own this solution providing book and let it be a handy guide when an 'Indian' curry is on your dinner menu.

All for less than the price of a 'take-out' for two...

Helping you create the best take-out right at home, with plenty of leftovers for tomorrow.

Click on image above to order the book!

Flavorful Shortcuts the Cookbook!

The long awaited cookbook designed to help you:

1) Learn the proper use of spices for making curries, tandoori cooking and street favorites

2) Understand the do's and the don'ts in using spices and it enable you to grasp the steps employed for bringing out the best in the flavor of spices!

Say goodbye to hefty restaurant checks $$$...tied to skimpy servings! 

Own this Indian chef's

"Cooking Secrets Revealing Cookbook"


'less than the price of a 'take-out' for two'

Make your favorite Indian take-out right in your own kitchen with plenty of leftovers for tomorrow!


Mother and daughter interview: At the Calabasas Library, host Karyn Foley talks to mother and daughter authors Farhana and Mehnaz Sahibzada. Farhana, a chef, has written the cook book "Flavorful Shortcuts to Indian / (Pakistani) Cooking" and poet Mehnaz has written "Tongue-tied: A Memoir in Poems." The show is a feast for the body and the mind! For more info, please visit:

Above L: Getting Ready to teach a cooking Class & Right: A hands-on cooking class in action 


Seasoned with herbs and Spices, not bland!

Mango Souffle

Mango from Indian flavors this soufflé!

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